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Loan Types



With a fixed-rate loan, the interest rate on your loan does not change over the life of your loan. You might prefer fixed rates if you are looking for a loan payment that won’t fluctuate.  

//  Stabilized Assets

//  Long-Term

//  Permanent Solution


In all cases, the mezzanine instrument is subordinate to the senior debt, and in virtually all cases, the mezzanine instrument is not secured by the property, but rather by the equity in the entity.

//  Maximum Leverage

//  Subordinate Note

//  Pari Passu with Permanent Fixed-Term

A short-term loan used until a person or company secures permanent financing or removes an existing obligation.  It allows the user to meet current obligations   by   providing  immediate  cash  flow.


Filling Vacancies // 

Lack of Credit // 

Time Constraints // 

Short-term loan used to finance the costs associated with the construction or renovation of a commercial building.  Forward   Rate   Locks   are   available. 


Ground Up Development // 

Adaptive Reuse // 

Renovations // 

Lending Partners


Having dialed into the most competitively priced balance sheets in each city across the nation, we find balance sheets can be most aggressively priced and fixed at 5, 7, 10, 15 year increments with optional short term interest only periods.  No prepayment penalty and release provisions are often available on a case by case scenario.   




Our longest fixed term rates are tied to our correspondent life insurance balance sheet lenders.   Pricing interest rates with ultra-low spreads over the U.S Treasuries is a great way for a passive borrower to put their money in a long term secure loan product.   



SCOPE Capital Group offers correspondent agency lending for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.   Full term interest only non-recourse loans is a viable option with this type of lending.  Maximize proceeds with higher loan to value options than the majority of conventional balance sheet lending.



Long standing relationships enable our structured debt solutions for assets by blending senior and subordinate-debt at higher leverage. With exploiting the capital stack, SCOPE Capital Group often becomes a one stop shop for bridge-to-permanent loan scenarios.